LATMOS…we prepare your child for the future. Let’s help the children together as we prepare them for the future.

Who We Are

Latmos Comprehensive College is a private co-educational non-denominational institution founded in the year 1993 out of the founders’ desire to provide qualitative education with sound morals to children of secondary school ages. Our first set of boys and girls started lessons on Monday 4th October 1993. The Lagos State Government granted an approval to the college on the 10th of November 1995. The college presented her pioneer graduating students for the West African School Certificate Examination in May/June 1999. The outstanding performances of our students in the Science, Art and Commercial subjects since 1999 have been sustained and improved upon.

At Latmos,

We lay great emphasis on self-discipline and teach our students to make great achievements in a contributory style. We believe that great things that come in bits can be managed and sustained to give room for improvements and for developments. Regular evaluation of students’ work with a view to achieving and maintaining the desired academic standards is our hallmark. Our on-line facilities enhance greater opportunities for students’ accessibility to the internet. Our modern sciences and computer laboratories promote the teaching and learning of the sciences and e-education. Our students will use the opportunities and facilities provided by Information and Communication Technology to facilitate and enhance their study programmes. Our school fees are quite affordable and the boarding houses for boys and girls are pleasant and conducive.

Competent Teachers

In preparing your children for the future, we have carefully selected qualified and competent teachers to give your children/wards the right knowledge and tools to build the kind of future that they deserve.

Well Equipped Laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with the right instruments and materials needed to perform scientific experiments to be carried out by the students to achieve the best results needed, thereby promoting the teaching and learning of the sciences.

Unique Computer Education

With an on-line presence, a great opportunity for our students’ accessibility to the internet has been greatly enhanced. The students have a wide exposure on the relative importance of E-education as the benefits are tremendous and the technologies are ever changing.

Boarding Facilities

In order to cater effectively for interested students, Latmos has a friendly boarding facility. The facility is well equipped with all necessary amenities to cater for boys and girls in separate locations. It has experienced house masters and matron who see to their welfare. It is truly a home away from home.

Well Equipped Libraries

Our air-conditioned library provides a conducive environment for reading. It is stocked with modern textbooks that promote proper orientation on how to use a library for additional studies and knowledge acquisition within the school. Books in the library are specially stocked in conformity with the schools’ curriculum.

Music System

Latmos provides a unique and dynamic platform for students to harness and master their skills in various fields, hence, we have provided a modern music system equipped with the instruments and tools needed to help our students maximize their full potentials.

Thank you for showing interest in our school, as we await your much-anticipated response.